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Visual QR created using  Visualead’s QR Code generator
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Visualead: QR Codes Increase Interactions with Business

Ari from Visualead talks about the use of QR codes as a viable method of driving traffic to a mobile website and generating leads. They also look great! There was a time when it was hard to imagine the possibility of reaching one million customers. Those days are long gone now due to the fact…

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 5.17.44 PM
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Serious Upgrade: New Mobile Templates And Navigation

The DudaMobile that you know and love just got even better! You know how, when you enter your website URL, we auto-convert it into a mobile-friendly site? Then we let you edit it? And we used to give you cheesy templates to choose from? (The super-bright fish swimming around the ocean all Little Mermaid-like was…

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Study: 98% of Small Businesses Not Mobile-Ready

It seems that small- and medium-sized businesses still aren’t jumping on the mobile bandwagon. According to a study just released by vSplash, an unbelievable 98% of SMB websites are not mobile optimized. What does this mean for them? Simple. They’re missing out on a massive amount of traffic coming from mobile devices and potentially losing…

Amir playing soccer for FC Barcelona!
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Q&A: Get To Know Co-Founder Amir Glatt

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that your boss is anything but, well, a boss. Kind of like when you were a kid and you would run into your teacher at the grocery store. You were like Whoa, you shop for groceries? It turns out that our executives lead pretty active lives outside of DudaMobile…grocery shopping…

DudaMobile CEO Itai Sadan
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Duda CEO Muses On Mobile

In a contributed article on Mobile Entertainment, Itai Sadan, DudaMobile co-founder and CEO, talks about how big companies like Amazon and eBay led the mobile web charge years ago and why smaller businesses now need to catch up. Read the full article on Why Local Businesses Must Go Mobile right here. In the article, Itai writes…

Mitt Romney's & Barack Obama's Websites (Mobile Homepages on Left)
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Mobile Dilemma: Dedicated Site vs. Responsive Design

Apparently the presidential candidates differ on more than just healthcare and economic issues. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have different approaches when it comes to mobile website design as well. In an article on Smashing Magazine, the writer pits Obama against Romney in the mobile boxing ring, bringing up a topic that’s often debated among…

Fan-Only Deal on Facebook
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Last Chance: Fan-Only Deal Expires Soon

Shameless promotion alert! Duda is currently running a one-time only deal for all of our Facebook fans that expires Aug. 31. Here’s what you need to do to take advantage: Like us on Facebook! We’ll hook you up with a fan-only promo code. Go to and use the code at checkout. If you have…

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Google’s GoMo: Mobilize Mobile Take Two

Duda and Google have something in common: We both want to educate local businesses about how and why they should think mobile. We first partnered with Google on their GoMo initiative back in November 2011 when we set out to teach the small, Mobile, Ala. community all about how they can “go mobile.” Google dubbed…

1&1 Internet Study: Faulty Websites Turn Off Customers
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5 Reasons Your Website Sucks

Step into your consumer mindset for a moment. You’re online and you visit XYZ’s company website. Why? You need information. You want to buy something. Or maybe you’ve never heard of them and want to figure out what they do. Who knows. When you get to their website, it’s not working right for various reasons….
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Forbes: Does Your Gas Station Have A Mobile Site?

DudaMobile talked to about why all small businesses, including gas stations, need a mobile-friendly website. Reporter Gene Marks, who also owns a consulting firm geared toward helping small businesses grow, writes that even he was surprised when he discovered that his local gas station has a mobile-friendly website. Read the full story here: Well,…