About Itai Sadan

I started DudaMobile because: I love solving real world problems. Back in 2008, I looked at the way people viewed websites on their mobile phones and knew there had to be a better way to experience the web. Pinching and zooming my way through sites on my smartphone just wasn't cutting it. 
My favorite quote from The Big Lebowski is: Donnie, you're out of you element.
The best thing I ever discovered with my smartphone was: Tethering. It saved me a couple of times when I didn't have Internet access. It's so simple...and it works most of the time. I'm so happy I don't have to use those USB wireless sticks. They never worked when I needed them.
When I'm not making websites mobile, I am: With my wife and my 16-month-old baby boy, Luca.
The mobile device I use most is: An Android Nexus One. It's getting pretty old, and I need to replace it...just haven't found the time to do it. I like Android because: I use a ton of Google products, everything from Gmail and Google Calendar to Google Voice.
Full of Sound and Flurry, Signifying Nothing: The Mobile Web is Thriving

Full of Sound and Flurry, Signifying Nothing: The Mobile Web is Thriving

Flurry, recently published research that seemed to indicate the mobile web is in decline and that apps are the wave of the future on mobile devices. The purpose of the article seems to be to influence business decision-makers to invest their resources in apps. I disagree strongly with this conclusion and the impression this leaves on the reader. There are three problems with this article: (more…)