Deep Dive to Duda's New Developer Mode

Deep Dive to Duda’s New Developer Mode

DudaOne's new Developer Mode gives users increased flexibility and control.

DudaOne’s new Developer Mode gives users increased flexibility and control.

Last week, we released our new Developer Mode for DudaOne. In this post, I want to share how we decided to develop this feature, what it can do and some of the future developments we’re considering. I’d also love to get your opinions on some of those plans in the comments section – so stay with me – it will only take five minutes. (more…)

DudaOne: The New Release

DudaOne: The New Release

When working on a big product, there is always a time you feel like most of the important things are “there” – and now it’s time for improvements. It’s an ongoing process that should continue forever. Knowing what to improve first is often a mix of what we know about the product, the market needs, working with users and some of good old gut feeling.

But we’re lucky enough to have an active community of users who know exactly what they need, which enables us to get to the most important stuff right away. The latest DudaOne release is a perfect example of us addressing your needs. (more…)

The Duda Journey Continues: A Message from Duda's Founders

The Duda Journey Continues: A Message from Duda’s Founders


Dear Duda Customer,

Five years ago, Amir Glatt and I founded DudaMobile with the goal to make the mobile web friendly for all. We’ve always understood that the challenge for small businesses trying to engage with customers on the web goes beyond just mobile. In today’s world, there are a wide variety of screens including tablets, desktops, GPSs, Google Glass, and 90’ inch TVs, that businesses need to consider when taking on the web. Your customers are now interacting with all of these various devices and we realized there needed to be a solution, not just for major corporations with deep pockets and endless resources, but for small- and medium-sized businesses as well.

Today, we’re happy to officially announce a solution for these small businesses with the launch our newest, revolutionary product, DudaOne. (more…)