Google's GoMo: Mobilize Mobile Take Two

Google’s GoMo: Mobilize Mobile Take Two

Duda and Google have something in common: We both want to educate local businesses about how and why they should think mobile. We first partnered with Google on their GoMo initiative back in November 2011 when we set out to teach the small, Mobile, Ala. community all about how they can “go mobile.”

Google dubbed the three-day event “Mobilize Mobile” and created mobile-friendly websites for nearly 500 small businesses in Mobile, Ala. using DudaMobile’s site builder. Duda and Google just went back to Mobile, Ala. to check up on local businesses in the community and to teach even more of them how to go mobile.

This time, they used the DudaMobile/Google free mobile site builder tool that we developed specifically for GoMo users. Like the site builder on, the free tool allows businesses to convert their current website into a mobile-friendly site, adding premium features such as click-to-call, mobile maps and mobile reservations for restaurants. And Google picks up the tab for a year! Sweet!

Check out this video from the most recent Mobile, Ala. workshop: 

Are you ready to GoMo?! If you’re not totally convinced yet, here are 7 Big Reasons to Go Mobile.

Video: Build Your Free Mobile Site with Google

Video: Build Your Free Mobile Site with Google

Last week, DudaMobile’s chief marketing officer, Dennis Mink, participated in a Google webinar (or a ‘Hangout on Air’ in Google speak) to show businesses how easy it is to build their own mobile website. During the Hangout, Dennis walked two businesses through the process of creating a mobile-optimized website using the free site builder, powered by Duda, on

The key takeaway: In just a matter of minutes, businesses can create a mobile website, giving them a whole new way of marketing themselves and increasing business. (Really, Google timed the demo. It took less than 10 minutes.)

A few reminders for anyone creating a mobile site:

  • Evaluate your customer and think about what they need from your mobile site. We suggest looking at the analytics for your regular site and featuring the most popular pages.
  • Include features such as click-to-call and mobile maps to make it easy for people to find you when they’re on-the-go.
  • Remember to copy-and-paste the redirect code into your regular website. This will ensure that mobile visitors will see your mobile site instead of your regular site.
  • Don’t forget to monitor your mobile analytics to measure which pages your visitors are engaging with the most!

Watch the video of the Hangout below to see the product demo. You’ll see for yourself that building your own mobile site is a no brainer — especially since Google will be picking up the tab for the first year!


Webinar: Learn How To Build Mobile Sites with Google

Webinar: Learn How To Build Mobile Sites with Google

Many small- and medium-sized business owners we talk to know that they need a mobile-friendly site, but the urgency to move forward and create one isn’t always there. Many think it’s too daunting or just way too expensive. Well, we’re taking both of those road bumps completely out of the picture: Join Duda and Google this Thursday (May 10) at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST as we mobilize two SMBs on a live Hangout and teach you how your business can go mobile…for free.

During the Hangout, the Google team will help Top Mast Resort in Massachusetts and Sava’s Restaurant in Michigan create their own mobile website using the free GoMo site builder, powered by Duda. Our very own CMO, Dennis Mink, will also be on the webinar to talk about mobile best practices and what to consider when building your own mobile site.

Details on how to join: 
1. Sign into Google+ on Thursday, May 10 at 1 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST
2. Go to the Think with Google Google+ page
3. Look for the stream post and click to enter the live stream

Be sure to set a reminder in your calendar! If you have questions before or during the Hangout, post them with the hashtag #GoMoSite as a comment on the Google+ page.