The Different Types of Responsive Design

The Different Types of Responsive Design

blogpostLet’s be honest, the world of web design can be confusing. It’s an industry that seems to change by the second, and understanding what exactly the latest and great technologies are (along with their pros and cons) can be difficult. So we figured we’d take a few minutes to outline exactly what words like “adaptive” and “responsive” mean in regard to web design. (more…)

OpenTable Gives Restaurants Free Mobile Websites - Using Duda!

OpenTable Gives Restaurants Free Mobile Websites – Using Duda!

I love food. More importantly, I love dining out. From Afghani and Eritrean to burgers and bistros, I enjoy the entire experience of dining at great restaurants…down to the last bite.

But one thing I don’t enjoy is arriving at my restaurant of choice to discover a long queue, or, worse yet, no availability at all. Hence, my modus operandi: Look up a restaurant using my iPhone. (Always on the run, of course!) Going to a restaurant’s website from my phone usually ends with frustration. I can’t find their phone number; their address is hidden; and I have to download a PDF to look at their menu. No good.

For these reasons and more, I’m a long time user and big fan of our friends at OpenTable. Today I’m happy to introduce some great news that makes finding and booking restaurant reservations on your mobile phone even easier. DudaMobile has partnered with OpenTable to give restaurants mobile-friendly websites – for free. With so many diners now on-the-go with smartphones in hand, the partnership helps OpenTable restaurants take advantage of the massive shift toward mobile, and it helps food fanatics like me easily book a table directly from a website that was actually intended to be viewed on a mobile device.

The stats prove that most restaurant websites are not mobile-friendly, so our customers that have a mobile-optimized site are already ahead of the game.  Earlier this year, we made OpenTable reservations available to the restaurants that build mobile websites with us by allowing them to drag-and-drop an OpenTable reservations feature into their mobile site. Today, we take our commitment to restaurants to the next level, working with OpenTable to automatically create tens-of-thousands of mobile optimized websites free for their restaurant clients.

In addition, we’ve optimized the layouts of these sites. Working with OpenTable, we have designed these sites based on feedback from mobile site users, restaurant owners and, of course, the brightest online marketers out there. Take a look at the before and after images.

Notice the nice, big image at the top and the three most-used buttons on restaurant websites: Book a Table, Call Us and Find Us. How’s that for a call-to-action?

We’ve very excited about this new partnership, and we hope that our restaurant customers will be as well. If you are an OpenTable customer, go to their Restaurant Center to claim your site. If you aren’t, contact them to get into the game!

Duda CEO Muses On Mobile

Duda CEO Muses On Mobile

In a contributed article on Mobile Entertainment, Itai Sadan, DudaMobile co-founder and CEO, talks about how big companies like Amazon and eBay led the mobile web charge years ago and why smaller businesses now need to catch up.

Read the full article on Why Local Businesses Must Go Mobile right here. In the article, Itai writes about why now is the time for local businesses to make the choice to step up or fall behind their competitors:

The demands and habits of smartphone users can’t be ignored. Creating a strong mobile presence is critical for companies of all sizes. A study by Compuware shows that nearly two-thirds of mobile web users are unlikely to return to a website where they had trouble, and a whopping 40 percent said they would visit a competitor’s mobile site instead.