The Ultimate AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Resource

The Ultimate AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Resource

The Ultimate Enhanced Campaigns Resource

Google has flipped the switch and have begun the process of automatically sending all AdWords customers to their new Enhanced Campaigns model. This means that everybody using this service will automatically have their advertising campaigns running on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. For some, this may mean some big changes, which we highlighted in last month’s blog post. The new Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns update means small businesses will miss out on a huge opportunity if they don’t have a mobile presence or currently include mobile in their advertising mix, which our expert search advertising team provides (free consultation).

To help you through this important transition, we’ve put together what we’re humbly calling, The Ultimate AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Resource. 

We’ve compiled the most informative links on Enhanced Campaigns including official Google content, transition help links, optimization guides, mobile-centered tutorials, FAQs, infographics, PDF guides and how-to videos. We know it’s a ton of content, so we’ve added asterisks (*) to the must-reads.

Optimize your AdWords campaign with these helpful resources and share with your colleagues today!

Official Google Links / Introduction:

Links To Help You Prepare For The Transition:

Upgrading/Optimizing to Enhanced Campaigns

The Focus On Mobile Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns FAQs, Infographics & PDF Guides (Non-Google)

Enhanced Campaign Videos and Tutorials 

If you’ve found a helpful Enhanced Campaigns link to share, please post it in the comments section below and we’ll add it to this comprehensive list. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more ways to optimize your business’ online presence.

Duda Data: Mobile Ads Drive Customers & Calls to Sites

Duda Data: Mobile Ads Drive Customers & Calls to Sites

This past year we launched our newest addition to DudaMobile – Mobile Advertising Solutions! With it’s booming success, we’ve been able to connect the on-the-go customer with businesses through mobile ads. At a lower cost than desktop advertising, mobile ads have a higher call through rate which helps new business build a clientele, quickly.

We’ve started to notice a trend in our campaigns – The more urgent the service, the better the ad performance. The business categories that have benefitted the most from our campaigns are plumbers, attorneys, tow truck drivers and dentists.


People searching for a plumber from their mobile phone usually have a catastrophic emergency to deal with.  They will most likely click on the first listing they see, and make a call. We have one plumber who has over a 50% call through rate!


Generating leads and phone calls for attorneys can be tricky because it’s one of the most competitive categories. Some advertisers spend $100 per call for desktop advertising.  It can be worthwhile since a legal case can bring the attorney thousands of dollars in fees.  We’ve seen that a carefully managed mobile search campaign can result in a cost per call as low as $20.

Tow Truck Driver

It’s easy to understand why towing is such a hot mobile category.  Imagine being stuck on the side of the road, broken down. You’re not in front of your computer and you probably aren’t lugging around the yellow pages.  So you whip our your cell phone and you see three towing companies right at the top of the screen.  You don’t need to learn about them, or do research.  You just want help now.


Many categories like doctors and dentists will perform very well, especially based on the lifetime value of the patient.  When someone has a throbbing toothache, they use their mobile phone to find a new dentist and make an emergency appointment.  Once they are set up as a new patient for their regular check ups, they bring in their family and friends.  Dentists we spoke with claim to be spending $120+ for a new patient through desktop campaigns.  We’ve seen new patients cost as little as $40-$60 on a mobile campaign.

People now search on their phone while sitting in front of the family or a work computer because their intention is to call a business. For many businesses, mobile search advertising can generate calls the same day we launch the campaign, where SEO can take weeks or months to generate calls. Drive more on-the-go customers to your mobile website with mobile advertising.

Happy Birthday DudaMobile!

Happy Birthday DudaMobile!

Happy birthday to us! Today DudaMobile turns three-years-old. First, I would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years: the Duda team and their families, our investors, partners and most of all, you…our users. We have set out on a bold mission to make the web mobile-friendly, and with 1.5 million sites on the Duda platform, it feels like we are on the way.

I thought a blog post about our history and some of the most-asked questions would be fitting for our birthday, but first, take a look at Team Duda when we launched in 2009….

How did you come up with the name DudaMobile?

Over the years, there have been different explanations to the origin of the name Duda. I kind of like leaving it as a bit of a mystery as to where the original idea for the name came from, so here are the common explanations in no particular order. I recommend you just pick the one you like most:

  • Sounds like do-the-mobile (Du-Da-Mobile)
  • Duda is the nickname of a relative who lives in Brazil. (His full name is Eduardo.)
  • Duda in Hebrew means crave.
  • The Duda team loves The Big Lebowski and its main character, The Dude.

Where in the world is DudaMobile located?

In the three years since Amir and I started DudaMobile, our offices have moved quite a bit. Initially, we worked from our homes in Palo Alto. Later, I moved to Mountain View and formed the first Duda office in my garage. (Yes…we were a true garage startup for a while.)

In June 2010 Amir moved to Israel to form the R&D team. The first office was in Ramat Gan, Israel then later moved to a very cool office in the center of Tel-Aviv.

Back in the U.S., when Dennis joined me in February 2011, we immediately set out to look for a new office for the California team, settling at Dave McClure’s 500 Startups (500 Startups is not an investor in Duda; we just loved the great vibe there. Check out this video.) Just last month, the U.S. Duda team moved to Palo Alto, which is a space we all very much love!

We also have scooters here.

By the way, the office was designed by my brother, Dori Sadan, who also designed the Tel-Aviv office. Thanks, Dori!

Why is DudaMobile’s mascot a frog?

Well, its not just any frog, it’s a tree frog and his name is The Dude. Tree frogs are known to change color to adapt to their background, similar to how DudaMobile changes a website to adapt it to mobile.

As I was going through my files to write this blog, I found previous versions of our website that I thought would be interesting to share. This is how our first homepage looked like in March 2009. It was something we quickly put together with the help of our friend, Udi.

A newer version of our homepage was launched around May 2010 with a big improvement to the overall look-and-feel of the site.

Around July 2011, we launched our revamped website, which is what you see today.  I hear rumors that the Duda marketing team is cooking up a new look that should come out in the next couple of month.

The past three years have been a whirlwind. Thanks everyone for the great support and looking forward to another great year!