6 Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile Site for the Holiday Rush

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile Site for the Holiday Rush

With the holiday season in full swing, the surge in mobile traffic has slowed down networks across United States. This increase in traffic has resulted in slower load times for mobile websites and apps. In general, 25% of your visitors will abandon your site after four seconds of load time and 45%  will abandon after ten seconds.

On average, mobile websites take three to eight seconds to load. However, during some of the holiday season’s busiest times, mobile sites have taken up to eighteen seconds to load. The slower the load time, the higher the bounce rate! Keep your mobile visitors satisfied by making your site as speedy as possible. Here are six ways you can shed seconds off your site’s load time for the holiday season.

1. Limit images. Having too many images on a site or page is the biggest rookie mistake you can make in mobile web design. The fastest way to increase load time is to decrease your image usage. Keep it to five images per page on a mobile site, maximum.

2. Utilize caching. Anything you can keep stored, do. The biggest limitation to loading speeds is the networks they are attached to. If you don’t have to re-download files for each visit, don’t.

3. Optimize content. Mobile is already about being quick and easy. If you can cut out unnecessary paragraphs, you’ll have a happier visitor and a faster load speed! Also reduce the empty space if you can!

4. Limit outside content. Keep content in a location you can control. If you’re linking to video files on your friends website, it can take longer to load than hosting it on your own.

5. Split up long pages. This is a great tip to keeping it quick. If you have a lot of information you need to get across, consider splitting it up into multiple pages.

6. Optimize the images. You know that great picture you took with your 8-megapixel iPhone camera? That image can easily be 1.2 MB, that’s three to four times the size of the average desktop webpage. It’s important to scale images down, especially for mobile. If you have not seen http://smush.it yet, check it out, it will do this for you. Additionally, use .png and .gif files over .jpg files, they load faster.

Don’t neglect your mobile website during the holiday rush! With more people shopping on mobile this season than ever before, it’s crucial to optimize your site as much  as you can!

3 Rockin' Not-So-Secret Design Features

3 Rockin’ Not-So-Secret Design Features

We don’t keep secrets from you, promise. Which is why I thought I’d unveil some of Duda’s not-so-secret design elements that’ll take your site’s quality to a whole new level…in seconds. These aren’t just any ol’ features that I’m trying to bring into the spotlight, these are my three most favorite, go-to design features that I incorporate in every mobile website I build. Trust me, they rock.

2 Columns

Great for organizing small images and contact buttons (like click-to-call and mobile maps), the 2 Column feature is perfect for bringing simple order to the small space of a mobile website.


Is your header’s background color the same or similar to that of your pages? Don’t rack your brain of which color needs to be changed, simply add a divider line to the bottom of the header to create a clean division between the two spaces.

Image Slider

Consolidate long columns of pictures into an attractive slide show (no, you can’t pass annoying columns of pictures on a mobile site off as infinite scroll like Pinterest, doesn’t work). My rule of thumb for whether to use an image slider or not is this — if there are more than two large images stacked on top of each other, throw them into an image slider.

Ta-Da! All three elements come together in this mobile website. Doesn’t it look good?

New Mobile Site Features: Restaurant Reservations, Contact Forms & More

New Mobile Site Features: Restaurant Reservations, Contact Forms & More

Our mobile site builder tool is in a state of constant evolution. We’re adding new features and enhancing old ones on a weekly basis, and today we launched some pretty cool widgets that we want to brag about.

Like all widgets on DudaMobile, these features can be added by just dragging them into your mobile site within our site builder tool.

OpenTable: This widget allows restaurants to sync their existing OpenTable account with their mobile website, so patrons can make a reservation directly from their phones. You just need your OpenTable restaurant ID to add this feature.

Photo Gallery: This gives site owners another way to display their photos. Unlike the Image Slider, which displays photos in a slideshow format, the Photo Gallery shows thumbnail images that enlarge to full mobile screen when clicked.

Contact Form: This allows business owners to drop-in a simple email form, so their mobile site visitors can send them a message directly from the mobile website.


Mobile Site of the Week: Dickie Doo BBQ

Mobile Site of the Week: Dickie Doo BBQ

Every Friday, we announce a Mobile Site of the Week winner on DudaMobile’s Facebook page. These winners represent the early adopters in the mobile world and have killer mobile-friendly websites.

This week’s winner: Dickie Doo BBQ in Sedalia, Mo.

We like it because: They jazzed up their mobile site with a subtle background image that is easy on the eyes and complements their brand. And their name is just awesome.

Mobile-friendly features they use are: Click-to-call, which allows mobile visitors to call in just one click; mobile maps for turn-by-turn directions; and social share to help spread the word.

Their mobile site can be found at: m.dickiedoobbq.com

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