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By Stephen Alemar Comments

Mobile Search Moments Webinar with Google: Full Recap

Last week, we held an exciting joint webinar with our partners at Google. The webinar was a resounding success for all of Duda’s users, who learned how the mobile web drives conversions for small- and medium-sized businesses. For those who missed the event, we’ve captured the entire webinar in a video, so you can still learn…

The Ultimate Enhanced Campaigns Resource
By Stephen Alemar Comments

The Ultimate AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Resource

Google has flipped the switch and have begun the process of automatically sending all AdWords customers to their new Enhanced Campaigns model. This means that everybody using this service will automatically have their advertising campaigns running on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. For some, this may mean some big changes, which we highlighted in last…

By Itai Sadan Comments

Google Penalizes Misconfigured Mobile Sites

A month ago Google released a blog post about changes to the Google search algorithm that will penalize mobile sites which are not structured correctly by reducing their ranking on Google’s search results. This is a pretty major change, as many businesses might not be aware that their mobile site is not conforming to Google’s…

By Russ Jeffery Comments

How To: Redirect Your Mobile Site

Setting up your mobile website redirect is the most important step in creating a mobile website. As most of your visitors will be going directly to your desktop website, you will want to make sure that you’re sending them to the correct location so they receive the best possible experience. Installing the redirect will do…

TechCrunch says...
By Meg Hughes Comments

TechCrunch Says: Mobile Ads Work!

TechCrunch just reported how tablet and smartphone users are more engaged with mobile ads. Their proof? By flipping through the 70 page report released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, TechCrunch writer Ingrid Lunden was able to drill down three main reasons why mobile ads perform so well. Check out the three highlights from the article, The…

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By Guest Blogger Comments

5 Flashy Mobile Web Browsers

I got my first Android three years ago and relegated myself to using the default browser that came on the phone. (Android calls this browser “Internet.” Clever, huh?) It wasn’t until this year that I made the switch to a flashier, more flexible mobile web browser: Dolphin. The Dolphin browser is made with smartphone users…