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A Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly SEO Changes and What They Mean to You

By now, you’ve probably heard the big news regarding mobile search and Google. At the end of February, Google announced they would be altering mobile search results to rank mobile-friendly sites significantly higher. Consequently, this means websites that are not mobile-friendly will see a severe negative impact on their site ranking and organic traffic.

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DudaMobile API Unveiled

The week we announced our latest blockbuster, DudaAPI. Our new API opens up functionality that was previously unavailable to our partners and developers. Now you can integrate Duda into your own website to automate actions such as creating mobile sites, accounts, providing analytics and more.

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Hackathon: The Origin of DudaWhite

It all started with an intense Hackathon. The entire Duda research family gathered together under one roof for a weekend without sleep or any contact with the outside world. Our mission was to conceive the next big step for our company. Stocked with enough food to feed a small country, we got comfortable and let…

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Google Penalizes Misconfigured Mobile Sites

A month ago Google released a blog post about changes to the Google search algorithm that will penalize mobile sites which are not structured correctly by reducing their ranking on Google’s search results. This is a pretty major change, as many businesses might not be aware that their mobile site is not conforming to Google’s…

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How To: Redirect Your Mobile Site

Setting up your mobile website redirect is the most important step in creating a mobile website. As most of your visitors will be going directly to your desktop website, you will want to make sure that you’re sending them to the correct location so they receive the best possible experience. Installing the redirect will do…

Mitt Romney's & Barack Obama's Websites (Mobile Homepages on Left)
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Mobile Dilemma: Dedicated Site vs. Responsive Design

Apparently the presidential candidates differ on more than just healthcare and economic issues. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have different approaches when it comes to mobile website design as well. In an article on Smashing Magazine, the writer pits Obama against Romney in the mobile boxing ring, bringing up a topic that’s often debated among…

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NEW: DudaMobile WordPress Plugin

Have you been perusing the WordPress plugin directory lately? Of course you have. We recently released a WordPress plugin that now makes it even easier for WordPress users to go mobile. Didn’t think making something this easy even easier to do was possible? Neither did we… But guess what? It happened. The DudaMobile WordPress plugin…

Share Feature
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Duda Jazzes Up Social Share

Let me introduce you to Dickie Doo BBQ. (You may remember them as Mobile Site of the Week.) We can’t get enough of this site — their name, that cute little pig, the fact that their mobile site has serious sass. What’s not to love? But the latest reason we love this site is because…

Twitter Image
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Add A Live Twitter Feed

You’re on Twitter, right? Duda just introduced a new way to add your live Twitter feed directly on your mobile site. This is a fantastic way to keep your mobile site content fresh and grow your Twitter following. You have three different ways to include tweets: 1) Include a live feed of your own tweets….

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Watch: How To Use Duda’s New Slideshow Feature

There’s a reason why sites like Pinterest and Instagram are so popular: Web users are attracted to photos. Slideshows are a great way to add variety and highlight different features of your business; hence the reason why most websites use images on their homepage. The problem is, images just don’t convert well to mobile. Correction:…