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Forbes: Does Your Gas Station Have A Mobile Site?

DudaMobile talked to about why all small businesses, including gas stations, need a mobile-friendly website. Reporter Gene Marks, who also owns a consulting firm geared toward helping small businesses grow, writes that even he was surprised when he discovered that his local gas station has a mobile-friendly website. Read the full story here: Well,…

Infographic: Mobile App vs. Mobile Website
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Infographic: Mobile Site vs. Mobile App

Just because “Apps” is the buzzword doesn’t necessarily mean that every business needs one. Often times, a mobile website does the trick. But, sometimes, a business needs both. An infographic featured on Mashable aims to answer the question: Which should you build first? This very question was answered earlier this week by members of a…

DudaMobile CEO Itai Sadan
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Join Duda at MLM San Francisco

Well, hot dog! Duda CEO Itai Sadan will be speaking at next week’s MLM San Francisco event, a one-day conference that focuses on monetizing mobile local media. Itai is one of four panelists for The Starting Line: Best Practices in Product Development, a session that aims to address the best platforms for planting a mobile presence…

Background image sneak peek!
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Q&A: Expert Advice on Selecting a Background Image

If not done correctly, the background of a mobile website could be a real deal breaker. Wallace Morrison (referred to by his friends as Morrison), a Duda Reseller who has perfected the art of mobile website design, has been generous enough to share some of his most coveted secrets – specifically on background images and…

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SMB Data: Who is leading mobile?

Something we know about the mobile web: Less than 10% of businesses actually have a mobile site. We wanted to find out who these businesses are, so we turned to DudaMobile data to analyze small- and medium-sized businesses that have built mobile-friendly sites. From this analysis comes The Mobile Movement Leaderboard, a ranking of the…

Google+ Hangout
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Google+ Hangout: Learn How to Build a Mobile Site in Minutes

A few weeks ago, DudaMobile ‘hung out’ with Google to show viewers how easy it is to build a mobile website. Dennis Mink, Duda’s CMO, created a mobile site for live on air! We understand some of you may have missed this exciting Hangout (and we’re not mad, we promise). The Google AdSense team…

Our Mobile Planet
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Stat Attack: Google Talks About the Mobile Consumer (Again)

Google recently released a US-specific analysis from the data provided on Our Mobile Planet. In case you haven’t checked it out, Our Mobile Planet is an interactive data and analytics tool that allows you to learn about global smartphone adoption and usage. I, of course, dove head first into this analysis in search of cool…

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BIA/Kelsey Webinar: Mobile Local Media’s Top 10 Trends

Earlier this week, BIA/Kelsey conducted a webinar on the top trends in mobile local media. The analysts talked about how mobile ad revenues are taking off, how local dominates the mobile ad space and how mobile and social naturally intersect. But the trend that really made me perk up was BIA/Kelsey’s assertion that the mobile…

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Ask Mobile Questions, We’ll Answer

It’s official. We’re mobile experts because Yahoo! says so. DudaMobile is now part of the Yahoo! Knowledge Partners program, lending our expertise in all things mobile. As a Knowledge Partner, we’ll be actively participating in the Yahoo! Answers community to respond to questions people have about the growth of the mobile web, building mobile-friendly websites,…

GoMo Hangout
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Video: Build Your Free Mobile Site with Google

Last week, DudaMobile’s chief marketing officer, Dennis Mink, participated in a Google webinar (or a ‘Hangout on Air’ in Google speak) to show businesses how easy it is to build their own mobile website. During the Hangout, Dennis walked two businesses through the process of creating a mobile-optimized website using the free site builder, powered…