How to Get the Most out of Hiring a Pro

By Meg Hughes

DudaMobile has rolled out a new premium service this week which allows you to hire a mobile website design professional to build out a custom mobile website for you.

What’s included in the new plan?

The Hire a Pro plan gives your mobile website all of the premium features it needs such as, Click-to-call, Click-to-map, and SMS business info. You will also have access to phone and email support with our rockstar Tech Support team. Another perk? Sit back, kick your feet up and let the professionals take care of designing a beautiful mobile website for you.

How does it work?

The process is effortless, seriously.

  1. Head over to our Hire a Pro page and purchase your custom mobile website plan.
  2. Sit tight and wait for your mobile site developer to contact you at the number you provide in the signup form (it won’t take long, I swear).
  3. Let you developer build your dream mobile website for you.
  4. Bask in the glory of your mobile website’s awesomeness.

How can I get the most out of my site?

You call the shots here. Don’t be afraid to speak up to help your mobile website developer understand what your business needs and what you want in a mobile website. Here are some things you can prepare before speaking with your developer to make sure you get your dream mobile site.

Prioritize. Go through your regular website and figure out which pages are the most important. Narrow down your regular website to the 10 most important pages you want your mobile visitors to see.

Think like your customer. Identify the most relevant information on each page to give your customers a great experience. Make your content clear and concise to speak to the services you offer.

Plan. Pull together any content or graphics you want to include in your mobile site that isn’t already in your regular website.

Define your brand. Make sure you’re happy with your company’s logo. Branding is key to a mobile website because it’s the best way for your business to make an impression on your on-the-go visitors.

Research. Take a look at our gallery of mobile websites. Choose a design or layout you like best. Looking for something in particular? Search our gallery by vertical to see what other businesses in your industry have done.

Convinced? Get Started Now

Not everyone has the time and energy to devote to building a professional looking mobile website. Stop procrastinating and hire a pro to build your mobile site today.


About Meg Hughes

Megan Hughes is a Project Associate at Duda in the Palo Alto office. She spends the majority of her time reminding the marketing team what assets they owe to the partner sales team, and vice versa, bringing order and productivity to the Dudaverse. If she doesn't show up to the office for a few days, she is generally assumed to be volunteering somewhere in Africa.
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