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Using a Responsive Website Builder To Get Your Site Holiday-Ready

‘Tis the season for hot cocoa, red cups at Starbucks, breading-stuffed turkey, and itchy wool sweaters for the whole family. As if your personal life couldn’t get any busier, there’s also your work life and website that need to be put in order. The holiday season is the season of giving, which funnily enough also…

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3 Ways Website Resellers Can Lower SEM Costs

When you read the phrases “search engine marketing” (SEM) and “cost-per-click” (CPC), do you find the edge of your eye twitching ever so slightly? Using paid advertising in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) is something that many businesses need as part of their marketing strategy, but it’s not always a topic that we like…

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Google AMP Web Standard and What it Means for Web Designers

Recently, Google released their new web standard called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). With this, Google is looking to drastically speed up the load times of mobile web pages, especially when linked to from search results. The standard is a bold implementation and effort to push websites to provide users with results, faster. This blog post…

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6 Tips For Building Your Blog Following During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of opportunity. Whether you’re riding out the winter in front of the fire, or celebrating Christmas on the beach in Australia, the holiday season is the season of incomparable online profitability. Online spending peaks from October-December, with consumer engagement at an all-time high. All good things must end, however, and…

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Content Blockers and What They Mean for Web Designers

iOS 9 was released a few weeks ago and iPhone users are flocking to the update (Over 50% adoption rate as of Oct. 6.) One of the most talked about features in this release is the support of content blockers, and this has stirred up a lot of controversy. In this post, I hope to…

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Using Chrome Push Notification to Better Connect with Your Customers

In this day and age, people have multiple screens playing tug-of-war for their attention. Between the smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs all within an arm’s length, it’s become harder and harder to keep, or even get, someone’s attention on the web. As people’s day-to-day lives have shifted, everyone looking to sell online has had to…

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Interstitials Ads Should Be A No-Go for Web Designers

So you’re browsing the internet on your mobile device and see a link to a news website that says, “Breaking: Science Says Pandas Actually Are Bears.” You’re intrigued because you remember being told during your last trip to the zoo that Pandas, in fact, were not bears, and you want to know why zookeepers would…

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Best Web Design Practices for Landing Pages

In the proverbial customer conversion funnel, a landing page is the part that brings all your traffic together. It’s often the final destination for visitors who are led by an email, PPC campaign or other marketing effort, to a single page with one unified purpose — to take an action. A landing page can prompt the…

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Using Negative Space Positively in Web Design

When it comes to web design, it’s not always about what you put on the page, but also what you don’t. Many web designers make the mistake of creating websites that are too cluttered and packed with content. This can cause many issues with search engine rankings, design hierarchy and website performance. So today, we’re…