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Top 5 Free & Inexpensive CRMs for Website Resellers

As a website reseller, a crucial component of successfully marketing and selling your solutions is to focus on your customers’ support and success. Sales and retention go hand in hand. However, keeping track of all the information you need to effectively follow-up with a multitude of sales leads and stay engaged with current clients can…

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5 Keys to Avoid Missing Your Custom Website Delivery Deadline

It happens to all of us. With the best of intentions and a can-do spirit, you meet with a client, promise the world and agree on a timeline, only to blow past the deadline with nothing more to show for it than a half-coded website and egg on your face. It’s not necessarily that you’re lazy or…

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Inline Editing Improvements in the Duda Website Builder

A few months ago, we decided to focus more of our development work on tools for DudaPros. We understood that our product needs to encapsulates all the features our partners require to quickly create and edit sites in the simplest way possible. So according to this new direction, we’ve been pushing out features that are…

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Advanced Website Personalization with inSite’s JavaScript action

A few months back, Duda released a new inSite action called JavaScript. This allows you to embed some custom JavaScript into your website when a certain set of visitor conditions is met. What exactly does this mean? First let’s review the terminology and then we’ll go into some great examples of use cases for this…

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Black Friday inSites for Boosting Business

For one day a year, all across America, we turn into a nation of certifiable shopaholics. We wake up at the crack of dawn, shake off our Thanksgiving food coma and head out to check as much as we can off of our holiday season shopping lists. For business owners, Black Friday is the single…

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Mobile Website of the Week: Zumapalooza

DudaMobile has a huge change on the way and we Dudes are so excited we can barley contain ourselves! We hope you’ll check in with us next week to hear the big news and join in the celebration. On to the Mobile Website of the Week: Congrats, Zumapalooza! Let’s showcase your site.

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Mobile Website of the Week: Flash Apps

The mobile web is capable of many amazing things, including educating our youth. This week’s Mobile Website of the Week is extending their reach to munchkins on the go. Congrats, Flash Apps. Let’s study your site.

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Mobile Website of the Week: Kelsey Creek Homes

Another week gone by and we’re another week closer to the launch of DudaOne. If you still haven’t had a chance to check out the beta, there’s still time! But while we’re all anxiously awaiting the release of DudaOne, we’ve still got loads to talk about regarding the mobile web and this week’s Mobile Website…