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By Suzanne Rabicoff 1 Comment

A Marketers Guide to Google’s Mobile SEO Update

You put a lot of effort into improving your clients’ search rankings, so you want to make sure your efforts are preserved after Google’s big mobile SEO update on April 21. The thing is, you are not a web designer, you are a marketer! But you know you need to have a mobile-friendly solution to…

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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Mobile Site for the Holiday Rush

With the holiday season in full swing, the surge in mobile traffic has slowed down networks across United States. This increase in traffic has resulted in slower load times for mobile websites and apps. In general, 25% of your visitors will abandon your site after four seconds of load time and 45%  will abandon after…

Rockin' Mobile Site with Rockin' Features
By Meg Hughes 7 Comments

3 Rockin’ Not-So-Secret Design Features

We don’t keep secrets from you, promise. Which is why I thought I’d unveil some of Duda’s not-so-secret design elements that’ll take your site’s quality to a whole new level…in seconds. These aren’t just any ol’ features that I’m trying to bring into the spotlight, these are my three most favorite, go-to design features that…

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Mobile Site of the Week: Dickie Doo BBQ

Every Friday, we announce a Mobile Site of the Week winner on DudaMobile’s Facebook page. These winners represent the early adopters in the mobile world and have killer mobile-friendly websites. This week’s winner: Dickie Doo BBQ in Sedalia, Mo. We like it because: They jazzed up their mobile site with a subtle background image that is…

By Cody Zimmer 1 Comment

Watch: How To Use Duda’s New Slideshow Feature

There’s a reason why sites like Pinterest and Instagram are so popular: Web users are attracted to photos. Slideshows are a great way to add variety and highlight different features of your business; hence the reason why most websites use images on their homepage. The problem is, images just don’t convert well to mobile. Correction:…