By Meg Hughes

Mobile Website of the Week: Newtowne Hyperbarics


Believe it or not, all businesses benefit from having a mobile site whether you’re selling candles or hyperbaric chambers, you want to be able to reach your mobile customers. This week’s Mobile Website of the Week is a great example of your not-so-average business flourishing in the mobile market.

Congrats, Newtowne Hyperbarics! Let’s dive into your site.


We like it because: It’s clean and simple. The logo is large, and in charge, above the easy to navigate list-style menu. The color scheme is mild and doesn’t distract from the mobile site’s content. The pages are clearly categorized by product and are full of information about the differing chambers. Theses are the perfect elements for a great mobile site.

Mobile-friendly features: As a manufacturing business Newtowne Hyperbarics may not have many customers walk in and cruise the floor. This means they need to be able to clearly display their products with photos and descriptions optimized for mobile devices. Newtowne’s site does a great job showcasing all of their products so customers can purchase without hesitation.

Quick thoughts: We think it bares repeating that all businesses benefit from having a mobile-optimized website. With mobile web search on the rise, people are looking for more of their many (and varying!) needs on their phones. No matter what industry you’re in, or who your target demographic is, having a mobile optimized site will increase your visibility and reach. Great site, Newtowne Hyperbarics!

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