SMB Data: Who is leading mobile?

Something we know about the mobile web: Less than 10% of businesses actually have a mobile site. We wanted to find out who these businesses are, so we turned to DudaMobile data to analyze small- and medium-sized businesses that have built mobile-friendly sites.

From this analysis comes The Mobile Movement Leaderboard, a ranking of the earliest adopters of mobile sites. These SMBs get it. They see the impact of mobile; they know their customers are on smartphones; and they realize they must deliver a different experience on mobile.

The Mobile Movement Leaderboard

Google says that more than 30% of all restaurant searches are done from a mobile device, so it makes sense that the restaurant and food industry leads SMBs in mobile, taking a 28% share of businesses that have built mobile-friendly sites. This list identifies the top five industries to go mobile.

High Call Volumes

The businesses listed in The Mobile Movement Leaderboard have something in common: high call volumes. These early adopters are businesses that rely on phone calls to connect with customers, and Duda data shows that nearly 20% of visits to a mobile-optimized website result in an immediate call to the business.

More Data Highlights

  • Looking deeper into the professional services category, legal and financial services account for nearly one-quarter of mobile sites built.
  • Salons and spas make up 45% of mobile-friendly websites built in the Health & Wellness category.
  • Accommodations such as boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts account for 53% of mobile sites built in Travel & Tourism.

2 thoughts on “SMB Data: Who is leading mobile?

  1. It only took me about an hour to convert all of my blogs to mobile websites with duda. I am really impressed with how easy it was. Thanks guys and gals for allowing a newbie like me to convert them over so easy. If only ten percent are on mobile right now, my categories dont matter. Traffic will come and if becomes worth it, I will upgrade once I see some results

    • Hey Mark. Great to hear you’re so happy with your site! As Kevin Costner stated in Field of Dreams, “build it and they will come”. Let us know if you have any questions about upgrading :)

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