Four Design Tips to Make Your Mobile Website Awesome

Four Design Tips to Make Your Mobile Website Awesome

It’s inevitable that all small businesses need a mobile website. It’s also likely that you might already have one. Last year mobile data traffic nearly tripled from the year before and is expected to greatly increase by the end of 2011. Considering the boom of the mobile revolution, going mobile is definitely a step in the right direction.

Though all mobile websites are unique, one aspect which remains consistant across the entire mobile web is the importance of proper mobile web design. In a recent study conducted by Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site that they had trouble accessing from their phone. A poorly designed mobile website could be detrimental to click through and conversion rates.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be well versed in the latest CSS and HTML to give your mobile website the sleek and professional design that it needs. Take a look at these four handy design tips that anyone can easily apply to their mobile website.

1. Customize the Content for Mobile

A mobile website is a condensed, tiny, one column version of a desktop site. Tailoring your content to the needs of the mobile user could greatly benefit the user experience and lead to a higher conversion rate through your site. the typical mobile user is on the go and in search for the information they need, fast. Eliminating some of the content that’s on your mobile site, which may only be viewed by a desktop user, could prevent customer confusion.

If you’re not quite ready to nix entire pages, then change the page order on your navigation menu. Put the links and pages a mobile user will likely use the most towards to top of the home page. Rearranging the page order of your mobile site will help your users find the information they are looking for, while also preserving the likeness of both sites.

2. Reduce Multimedia

We know how much you like the embedded YouTube videos and photo albums on your website. We like them too. Unfortunately, when designing a mobile website, large amounts of multimedia should be significantly scaled down or completely eliminated. Mobile users have limited bandwidth and a slower connection to the internet than desktop users, however when browsing the internet on their smart phones, they still expect sites to load at a quick rate. High volumes of photos and videos can slow down the load time of your site which will turn users away. One to two images per page and one video is enough multimedia for your mobile website.

3. Negative Space is Good Space

Negative space, also known as white space, is a key to mobile website design. Incorporating negative space in your mobile site will give it a clean look and make it easier for the user to navigate through.

Some simple things you can do to add negative space are:

  • Increase padding around important links and buttons.
  • Remove multimedia elements like excessive amounts of photos and video to eliminate clutter.
  • Add line breaks between large bodies of text.

Enhance the appearance of a mobile site’s negative space by keeping the background color of your site a light color and the text, a contrasting dark color.

4. Add Thumb-Friendly Elements

When designing your mobile site, consider following the general rule of thumb. Typically, mobile site browsers use four fingers to hold their phone while leaving their thumb free to scroll up and down on the screen. Turn important links on your mobile site into buttons to make it easer for site visitors to select them. For example, a phone number can be replaced with a click-to-call button and a link that returns the user to the home page can be replaced with a back home button.

Mobile Website Design Done Right

Take a look at these four examples of mobile websites which display excellent mobile website design.

Put Your Mobile Website Design Skills to the Test!

If you think your skills in designing and developing mobile websites are better than our examples, apply to join the DudaMobile Developer Network! Join now and be featured on, receive leads, and let us promote you to businesses who are in need of your services. Sign up through our website to be considered.

Email me if you have any questions at theresa(at)dudamobile(dot)com.

5 New Things We added to DudaMobile this Week

5 New Things We added to DudaMobile this Week

We are constantly changing and improving our mobile website creation tool to meet the needs of our customers and keep up with the rapidly growing mobile market. From new mobile website templates to easier ways to login to your account, take a look at what’s new with Duda this week!

Like what you see? Add these new features to your existing mobile website or create a new one here!

1. Social Media Share Buttons

We’ve revamped our social media share buttons! Clicking on the new Share Widget takes your mobile website visitors to a popup window where they can share your mobile website via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Email.

2. New Users: Create and Login to your DudaMobile account with Facebook

We’ve enabled a feature which allows new users to create a DudaMobile account by logging in with a Facebook account. On the Sign Up page, you can instantly create your account by clicking the Facebook Connect button above the text fields. As long as you’re logged into Facebook, you can easily login to your DudaMobile account. We added this convenient feature for all social media junkies who enjoy the ease of connecting everything to their Facebook account.

3. Attractive New Templates

Check out the newest additions to the template gallery! New themes include: legal, restaurant, plumber, taxi and construction. This is just a sneak peak of some of the awesome new templates!

4. Snazzy WordPress-Friendly Templates

We’ve added new templates that are specifically designed to compliment your WordPress blog. There are ten great designs to choose from, and many more to come. Don’t forget, all templates are fully customizable!

5. Blog Swipe Feature

Swipe between each blog post on your mobile optimized WordPress or Blogspot blog. After your blog is published and redirected, easily view each individual post with the swipe of a finger! Here’s how it works…

Know of ways we can improve even more?

We love hearing customer feedback about our tool (and gladly take it all into consideration!). Send me an email at theresa(at)dudamobile(dot)com if you have a compliment, opinion, complaint or just want to say “Hi”.


Mobile Website Templates Are All The Rage Right Now

Mobile Website Templates Are All The Rage Right Now

As a do-it-yourself service for making mobile websites, DudaMobile offers a wide range of mobile website templates to choose from. Our templates are designed to give all types of small businesses the ability to easily create beautiful and organized mobile websites.

Why use a template for your mobile website?

A mobile template gives you a clean look for your site so that it appears just as professional on the phone as it does on the computer. Our mobile web templates take existing site content and transform it so that it fits onto a mobile device. After converting your website and selecting a mobile website template, your mobile site will contain the same content but look even better than your regular website when viewed on your phone. The mobile website will contain all of the same information, but it will be laid out in a way that both looks attractive and works well on a mobile device.

With DudaMobile, you will be able to fully customize your mobile web template so that it matches the colors and theme of your regular website.

No generic templates here!

The sound of the word “template” often gives the notion of being unoriginal and non-creative. We consider our templates as firm ground for you to build off from. After selecting a template on the “Select a Template” page, you have the options to change the colors of the background, text, link color and navigation icon menu.

The technology of mobile devices is constantly changing. Mobile templates contain coding language that is recognized across all mobile devices. Our templates offer a quick solution to this constant need for innovation and adaptability that does not require significant re-coding or redesign.

Wondering Which mobile templates We like?

We love our mobile website templates. Here are some of our favorites…

Mobile Website of the Week: Iconic Brand5

Mobile Website of the Week: Iconic Brand5

We’ve been seeing some extremely crafty mobile websites this week. People are getting comfortable with the DudaMobile website creation platform and really taking off with it. The Duda team has seen some creative ways to use the advanced editor that even we haven’t though of!

For Mobile Website of the Week this week, we decided to choose a site that displayed superb creativity, personality and customization. The Iconic Brand5 mobile website did just that! Congratulations!

What did we love about Iconic Brand5’s mobile website?

We were fascinated by the detailed customization this site had. Morrison, from Iconic Brand5 said, “my website is about design, simplicity, and connection”. From social media buttons to a customized background image, he made sure to pack his mobile website with all the fancy bells and whistles DudaMobile has to offer.

Some really cool features

“My Social Media control panel makes this amazing.  We are the first company in the nation, maybe the world to create control panels.”

So Wait, How’d they make this site?

When making his mobile website, Morrison found that, “the best feature was the conversion at the very beginning. It was effortless which made the user experience delightful.”

After the initial conversion small details were trimmed out. “I feel that things like dates on the blog and some images weren’t that important”. These small edits made up about 30% of deleted content when making the regular to mobile switch.

“I went through the basic editor first and then through the advanced editor. I found they both offer different things, but less mistakes were made when going through the basic editor first.”

Morrison’s goal of his mobile website is to highlight the services offered by Iconic Brand5, as well as show his users the varieties of website design he was capable of doing. “I design my own stuff which makes me a huge customizer. I am still designing my site as we speak, so my job is never through.”

What does Iconic Brand5 even do?

Iconic Brand5 is a multi-media business that helps small American businesses. Their services include:

Photography – Photojournalism, documentaries and event photography.

Graphic Design – Logos, buttons and web element design.

Website Design – Custom designed WordPress sites, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, LinkedIn profiles, Gmail themes, and mobile websites.

Photo Effects – 3D and flip lenticular printing.

Their office is located in Florida. Call Morrison at (561) 350-6961.

Catch Iconic Brand5 on the web

Add them to your circle on Google+

Like them on Facebook

Follow @staffatico on Twitter

Connect with them on LinkedIn

They make great videos, so add them to your favorites on Youtube

They also take really good photos which are posted on Flickr

Want your website to be featured in a blog like Morrison’s was?

Email me at, tweet me at @dudamobile or contact me on facebook if you think your site rocks.

Has your mobile site been published? If your site wasn’t published, we didn’t see it (and neither did your customers). Check our Support Center for instruction on how to publish your mobile website!