Mobile Search Moments Webinar with Google: Full Recap

Mobile Search Moments Webinar with Google: Full Recap

Last week, we held an exciting joint webinar with our partners at Google. The webinar was a resounding success for all of Duda’s users, who learned how the mobile web drives conversions for small- and medium-sized businesses. For those who missed the event, we’ve captured the entire webinar in a video, so you can still learn everything you need to know about mobile search optimization, Google’s top ten best practices on mobile and how DudaMobile helps you implement all of them. (more…)

Hackathon: The Origin of DudaWhite

Hackathon: The Origin of DudaWhite


It all started with an intense Hackathon. The entire Duda research family gathered together under one roof for a weekend without sleep or any contact with the outside world. Our mission was to conceive the next big step for our company. Stocked with enough food to feed a small country, we got comfortable and let our creativity flow…


Mobile Website of the Week: The Invisible Orthodontist

Mobile Website of the Week: The Invisible Orthodontist

The Dudas are really into mobile website templates this week. If you haven’t already read our blog write up about how great mobile web templates are, then I highly recommend you check it out.

In honor of our company’s obsession with custom designed mobile website templates, I decided to search for a Mobile Website of the Week candidate who was able to fully optimize the auto-generated mobile site template.

We are thrilled to announce the DudaMobile Mobile Website of the Week winner… All the way from Australia… The Invisible Orthodontist!

Regular Website

Mobile Website

How was the mobile site made?

“Basically, I converted it, adjusted the colors of the template, stripped out some content, added some buttons and tidied things up a bit.”

As Nick, from The Invisible Orthodontist, previously stated, the process was really that simple! After plugging the URL into the converter, he used the Advanced Editor to delete unwanted content.

While working in the Advanced Editor, Nick changed the colors of the navigation menu to teal. He used the same color for the footer’s background.

With the Advanced Editor, he added green “Shape Designs” around sections of text on each page. Finally, Nick added Share buttons into the navigation menu of each page and a “Book Appointment Now” to the home page.

Why did we Like it?

This mobile website is a great example of how a template can provide you with a firm ground to build a customized mobile website off from. Nick utilized the Default Original Template to help him transform his mobile site from good to awesome.

We also liked how Nick added the green “Shape Designs” around boxes of his text in the advanced editor. In all of DudaMobile history, we have never seen anyone do this.

Nick changed each button of the navigation menu which corresponded to each page a visitor would land on. For example, if a visitor selected the “Blog” button, when they land on the “Blog” page, the “Blog” button in the navigation menu is highlighted.

What is The Invisible Orthodontics?

The Invisible Orthodontist represents a group of about fifteen orthodontists from all around Australia. This Australian network of orthodontists provide Invisalign treatments throughout the nation.

If you have crooked teeth…

Visit their website to book an appointment or read their blog.

Eager to be the Website of the Week winner?

Email me at, tweet me at @dudamobile or contact me on facebook if you think your site rocks.

Has your mobile site been published? If your site wasn’t published, we didn’t see it (and neither did your customers). Check our Support Center for instruction on how to publish your mobile website!