Video: How to build a mobile website to drive revenue and brand engagement

DudaMobile’s CEO and co-founder, Itai Sadan, had a conversation with’s Rob Woodbridge about the mobile space and the need for creating a mobile strategy. Watch the video below via

How to build a mobile website to drive revenue and brand engagement – with Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO

Mobile websites. Everyone is talking about the need to have one but why? What is the value of having a website built from the ground up for mobile devices? What are some of the best practices in building and using mobile websites for your business? What are some examples of great mobile websites? Which ones stink?

These questions – and MANY more – are the reason I asked Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO of DudaMobile, on to Itai offers some great commentary on the need for a strategy and reason for implementing what seems to be a natural extension to what we do on the web – simple in idea, somewhat challenging in executing properly.

There are lots of takeaways from this session that should help cement your mobile website strategy and the reasons for moving into this space (hint: if it isn’t generating revenue or deepening a bond between you and your customer, question everything).

38% of US Cell Phone Owners Access the Internet From Their Mobile Device

A very interesting survey conducted by Pew Internet during the month of May indicates that there has been significant growth in US mobile Internet usage during the last year. The survey shows that 38% of US cell phone owners use their device to access the Internet, compared to last year when it was only 28%.

The statistics are even higher when looking at the age group of 18-29 years old cell phone owners, as 65% of them access the Internet from their mobile device.

For all the businesses that are still thinking about their mobile strategy (“we want to do it, it’s on our roadmap…”), it’s time to get moving.

[update] Comscore released a similar survey showing that 32% of US mobile subscribers use the mobile browser to access the Internet