By Meg Hughes

The Support Files: Meet Russ


I never trusted a man with two first names until I met Russ Jeffery. Since joining the DudaMobile team nearly one year ago, Russ now juggles phone, chat and email support channels all while supporting the team as Tech Support Lead.

Residing in Palo Alto, Russ commutes to work via bike and is often the first person to arrive and the last person to leave. He loves the people he works with and enjoys working hard for a great product. If you’ve ever spoken to Russ through support, you’d know what I’m talking about; he really does love his job.

Theresa: What were you up to before you joined the Duda tech support team?

Russ: I was an Intern in the Office of the Governor in Sacramento, Calif. Sadly, I didn’t work for the Governator. At the Governor’s office, I was doing support and manned the front desk. I answered phones, helping to sort and respond to the mass amounts of requests that came into that office. You wouldn’t believe some of the things people contacted the Governor’s office about! Once a lady told me that because I couldn’t connect her with the Governor directly, my mother should be ashamed of me. Ouch!

Theresa: We offer our customers three channels to contact us: phone, email or live chat. Which channel do you like to use the most when helping people?

Russ: Phone. I love being able to really understand what the customer is looking for and help them get there. It’s easier to completely solve a problem over the phone because I can verbally confirm again and again with the customer that their site is fixed. You don’t get that personal connection over chat or e-mail.

Theresa: One perk of being a DudaMobile employee is that you get two weeks off for vacation. If you took all of your vacation days off at once, what two-week-long adventure would you skip off to do? 

Russ: I’ve always been a big outdoors person. Unplugging my life from my computer and escaping into nature would be an awesome use of my two weeks of vacation.  I would go camping in the middle of no where. Alaska? You bet. Desert? Done it. Snow camping? Would love to. Sign me up for a two week escape anywhere in nature.

Theresa: At the end of Duda’s weekly team meetings, someone shares one thing about themselves that no one else knows. When it was your turn to share, what secret did you reveal?

Russ: I wore a helmet as a child. Seriously. From the age of ten months to three-years-old, I wore a bright purple helmet everywhere I went. I was born with Craniosynostosis, which is a fancy word for having misshapen plates on my skull. I’m 100% fine now. I have a larger than life head and sometimes miss the security of my helmet!

Editor’s Note: The Support Files chronicles the lovable quirks of Duda’s support team, the guys and gals who man the phones here at DudaMobile to answer customer questions.