The Ultimate AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Resource

The Ultimate Enhanced Campaigns Resource

Google has flipped the switch and have begun the process of automatically sending all AdWords customers to their new Enhanced Campaigns model. This means that everybody using this service will automatically have their advertising campaigns running on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. For some, this may mean some big changes, which we highlighted in last month’s blog post. The new Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns update means small businesses will miss out on a huge opportunity if they don’t have a mobile presence or currently include mobile in their advertising mix, which our expert search advertising team provides (free consultation).

To help you through this important transition, we’ve put together what we’re humbly calling, The Ultimate AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Resource. 

We’ve compiled the most informative links on Enhanced Campaigns including official Google content, transition help links, optimization guides, mobile-centered tutorials, FAQs, infographics, PDF guides and how-to videos. We know it’s a ton of content, so we’ve added asterisks (*) to the must-reads.

Optimize your AdWords campaign with these helpful resources and share with your colleagues today!

Official Google Links / Introduction:

Links To Help You Prepare For The Transition:

Upgrading/Optimizing to Enhanced Campaigns

The Focus On Mobile Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns FAQs, Infographics & PDF Guides (Non-Google)

Enhanced Campaign Videos and Tutorials 

If you’ve found a helpful Enhanced Campaigns link to share, please post it in the comments section below and we’ll add it to this comprehensive list. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more ways to optimize your business’ online presence.

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    • Glad you guys were able to find the resource useful! It’s a lot of content, but we’ve laid it out so it’s digestible by everyone’s preference of medium.

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  2. Thanks for the outstanding resource!

    Given that Duda is a Google partner, how will Google’s roll-out of Enhanced Campaigns impact Duda’s mobile advertising program?

  3. Thank you a lot for all of this information!!! I’ve been looking for it but I found a lot of not up-to-date info. You gave me the solution!!!

    I have a question: I want to run a campaign for a mobile app. I thing, before the enhanced campaigns, I I could create an add linked directly with the appstore. Is that possible now? I haven’t found it…

    Thanks again :)

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