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Answers to the 3 Biggest Questions About Google’s Mobile SEO Update

Starting April 21, Google will begin taking mobile-friendliness into account as a factor in search rankings. At this point, you may recall that Google already has been adding labels to sites that are mobile-friendly and warning people about the dangers of adding content to a site that won’t work on a mobile device (think Flash), but this is different. Very different. In Google’s own words:


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Get Ready to be Mobile Friendly – a Duda Webinar

On April 21st, Google will roll out a major update to its search ranking algorithm. Once rolled out, sites that are mobile-friendly will benefit from a higher ranking compared to sites that are not.

It’s a pretty big deal.

So much so that it’s already been called by some a ‘Mobilegeddon‘ and a ‘Mobilepocalypse’.


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A Marketers Guide to Google’s Mobile SEO Update

SEO_05You put a lot of effort into improving your clients’ search rankings, so you want to make sure your efforts are preserved after Google’s big mobile SEO update on April 21.

The thing is, you are not a web designer, you are a marketer! But you know you need to have a mobile-friendly solution to save your clients’ sites (more…)

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New Stats About Small Businesses Every Website Reseller Should Know: Part 1

It’s an interesting time in the web design industry. Responsive design is on the rise, eCommerce adoption is expanding and website personalization, once reserved for large enterprises, is just starting to become available to the masses. These trends are pretty easily observed by those of us that spend every day chest-deep in HTML5 and JavaScript. But what does the actual data tell us? To get a more accurate look at the current state of small business websites, Duda conducted a comprehensive survey through the use of a third-party research firm. Here’s some of what we found out:


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Words from the Web: Recent Posts You Should Read About Responsive Web Design

mainIt can be pretty hard to figure out who to believe on the internet. Everyone has an opinion about everything, and you can drive yourself crazy trying to get a straight answer on even the simplest things. For example, if you were to enter the phrase “web design best practices” in Google, you be will provided with about 74,200,000 results. Try “responsive web design trends” and you’ll fare slightly better, as that particular search only returns about 6,230,000 results. To help cut through this ridiculous amount of clutter, I’m beginning a new series on the Duda blog entitled, “Words from the Web.” This series will be used to shine a light on what real industry experts have to say about the things that truly matter to those working in the web design industry. This week, I’ll be highlighting three must-read recent posts about responsive web design that we feel offer up some real value. (more…)

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An Angry Web Designer Rants About Images

How-to-choose-an-imageWant to add an image to your website? Why!? This is the most important question you can ask yourself as a designer. Your images must have purpose – they tell a story. After you have successfully answered this question, it’s actually time to choose your image. Don’t mess it up! You need to choose something that fits the rest of your site’s look and feel, but that’s not all. A website is not a piece of paper; it’s responsive and can be seen on different platforms. You need to make sure your images look great on all of them – desktop, tablet and mobile. And DON’T USE STOCK IMAGES if you don’t absolutely have too. Okay. Now the details… (more…)

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Top 5 Free & Inexpensive CRMs for Website Resellers

CRMAs a website reseller, a crucial component of successfully marketing and selling your solutions is to focus on your customers’ support and success. Sales and retention go hand in hand. However, keeping track of all the information you need to effectively follow-up with a multitude of sales leads and stay engaged with current clients can become a daunting, time-sucking activity that affects other aspects of your business.


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5 Keys to Avoid Missing Your Custom Website Delivery Deadline

It happens to all of us. With the best of intentions and a can-do spirit, you meet with a client, promise the world and agree on a timeline, only to blow past the deadline with nothing more to show for it than a half-coded website and egg on your face. It’s not necessarily that you’re lazy or procrastinated too long. No. There are a million and one pitfalls and distractions that can prevent you from delivering a custom website to a client on time. So when scoping out a new project, it’s important to be honest (and realistic) with yourself and your client about how long things are going to take. (more…)