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5 Tips for Awesome Website Personalization

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 4.35.02 PMWe’ve talked a lot about website personalization and for good reason; it really works. Not only are there tomes of research showing how drastically website personalization can improve customer conversion, but in a recent interview with one of Duda’s restaurant clients, we discovered they saw an increase of 70 percent in online reservation traffic after implementing a website personalization strategy. (more…)

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5 Terrifying Small Business Website Trends that Need to Stop

Scary PumpkinYesterday, we issued a press release highlighting five terrifying small business website trends that need to stop, just in time for Halloween. While we took a playful tone with the release, I can’t emphasize enough that these issues truly are terrifying and are things you absolutely SHOULD NOT be doing on your website. (more…)

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What is SSO?

ProfileHave you ever logged into one website and have been automatically logged into a different, but related, service automatically? Or you log in to one service to get access to another? (more…)

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Why You Should Care About Responsive Web Design

Responsive-Web-DesignDepending on how you look at it, responsive web design should either be your present or your future. It all depends on the state of your current web presence. If you already have a fully responsive website, congratulations! You’re set for the foreseeable future. This is because as devices diversify and tablets pick up more and more traffic, your site will stay perfectly formatted on every device type. (more…)

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6 Tips for Your Restaurant’s Mobile Website

hotpizzaI love food. I love food so much that it’s one of the few things I regularly discuss. Just recently I was on a guided hike through the Rockies and every time the tour guide pointed out a species of flora, I eagerly asked “Can I eat it?”  (more…)

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How to Make a Website for Your Small Business

websites-for-small-businessI know the title of this post is “How to Make a Website for your Small Business,” but before we get into the how (and we will, I promise), I’d like to quickly address the why. The answer is shockingly simple, but probably not all that surprising. (more…)

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Intro to Duda’s HTML Editor

HTML-editorIf you’re not familiar with Duda’s HTML editor, you should be. While it is an advanced feature of the platform, knowing how to utilize it can be a huge benefit to your site building skills. (more…)

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5 Tips For Your Restaurant Website

RestaurantsIt’s safe to say the modern web that we interact with on a daily basis has grown leaps and bounds since the 90s. What’s harder to understand is why certain websites still haven’t caught up to modern web design practices – especially restaurant websites. (more…)