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Using Chrome Push Notification to Better Connect with Your Customers

1In this day and age, people have multiple screens playing tug-of-war for their attention.

Between the smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs all within an arm’s length, it’s become harder and harder to keep, or even get, someone’s attention on the web.

As people’s day-to-day lives have shifted, everyone looking to sell online has had to shift too, in order to keep their marketing effective. (more…)

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Interstitials Ads Should Be A No-Go for Web Designers

Interstitials_Ads_Small_A01So you’re browsing the internet on your mobile device and see a link to a news website that says, “Breaking: Science Says Pandas Actually Are Bears.” You’re intrigued because you remember being told during your last trip to the zoo that Pandas, in fact, were not bears, and you want to know why zookeepers would lie. You click on the article — but wait! What’s this? Instead of the article you were expecting, you receive this giant, full-screen ad prompting you to download the news website’s app. Obviously, you find this incredibly irritating and immediately abandon the page. Web. Experience. Ruined.   (more…)

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Best Web Design Practices for Landing Pages

Blog-Post-8_6_MainIn the proverbial customer conversion funnel, a landing page is the part that brings all your traffic together. It’s often the final destination for visitors who are led by an email, PPC campaign or other marketing effort, to a single page with one unified purpose — to take an action. A landing page can prompt the potential customers to make a purchase, subscribe for more information, share something with friends on social media or give feedback on a service or product. (more…)

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An Angry Web Designer Rants About Copywriters

angry_web_designer_1People don’t read. In fact, if you’re reading this, you’ve already read more of this post than most people will. But for some reason, copywriters disagree. I don’t know why…maybe they’re bored…or think they’re Shakespeare. Either way, all they seem to do is ruin beautiful designs and fight with you about why they need more space to write. Anyway, unless you’re writing your own copy, you have to deal with them. Here’s how I’ve learned to do that. (more…)

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Using Negative Space Positively in Web Design

negative_space01When it comes to web design, it’s not always about what you put on the page, but also what you don’t. Many web designers make the mistake of creating websites that are too cluttered and packed with content. This can cause many issues with search engine rankings, design hierarchy and website performance. So today, we’re literally talking about nothing. Or more to the point, how to use negative space in your web designs. (more…)

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4 Reasons Web Designers Should Kill Off Adobe Flash

flash01First, a brief eulogy:

Adobe Flash, you brought us many years of Internet animation glory. Born the same year as myself, I grew up using you to play Oregon Trail and watch videos in the back of the computer lab while my teacher was teaching us how to type. I will forever remember the countless hours of my childhood that I spent with you as I waited for your websites to load, and the immense enjoyment I got out of your flashy [audience giggles here] animations once they finally did. (more…)

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5 Tips to Get More Web Design Clients

5_tipsIf you sell websites professionally, there’s honestly only one skill that really matters: getting new clients. Sure, there are tons of other abilities that are important (like, I don’t know…being able to design), but at the end of the day, your ability to attract new clients is what’s going to make you money. (more…)

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Words From the Web: The BBC Goes Responsive, Rules for Navigation Design and Local Content Silos

Words-From-the-WebThe web is full of interesting reads on web design, but there’s also a sizable amount of nonsense and fluff out there. So, just like every other week, I spent a bit of time looking for the must-reads so you can get the information you need in a quick digest. This week we take a look at how BBC News switched to responsive web design, how to handle local content with multiple locations, and three ways to improve the navigation of your website. (more…)

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How Web Professionals Can Tell a Brand’s Story with Parallax

Parallax_designStorytelling has long been a cornerstone of human communication since the dawn of communication itself. It allows us to share experiences for the purposes of education and entertainment, but more importantly, it allows us to form an emotional connection around a certain idea. This makes storytelling one of the single most effective ways to communicate the ideas and personality of a brand to users, and the layout of your website can have more of an impact on your story than you might think. (more…)

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3 Reasons You Really Want Website Personalization

Website_Personalization (1)If you visit almost any website, you’re going to see the same design and layout as anyone else. A one-size-fits-all approach is used by a majority of websites, and only a few companies like Amazon and eBay deliver a customized experience. But that doesn’t mean small business websites can’t have dynamic content as well. (more…)